ottowilliams | design

2001/2003  Metro/Steelcase

Bix represents a line of space-making sectional seating and tables that are the building blocks for collaborative work settings in open plan environments. Inspired by the ubiquitous dining booth, where spontaneous collaboration often occurs; Bix was designed as an alternative to traditional conferencing settings. The iconic high-back seating provides a pleasing visual enclosure that creates a sense of place and boundary, expressed with a visual character that is minimal and architectural. Modular by design, Bix seating and tables can be reconfigured to support a range of applications from individual lounge settings, to booth based configurations and large group enclaves. The Bix line includes convenient access to power, voice, data and display to create spaces in open plan that are designed to perform like a conference room, but feel like a living room. (continued >>)

Created in 2000 at the height of the internet boom, Bix was an innovative response to the rapidly changing work styles of the time. Our newly mobile technology was allowing more of us to work outside of the traditional workplace. Seeing busy professionals collaborating and setting up camp at the local Starbucks was a new phenomenon. In this context we were compelled to ask the question – “if modern technology allows us to work collaboratively anywhere, where do we want to work?” Our research confirmed our intuition – that the most effective collaborative spaces are also highly effective social spaces; that the formality of the traditional conference/meeting room was often a barrier to collaboration in the workplace.
For groups, Bix encourages a natural blend of physical and social comfort with appropriate worksurfaces and connections to power, data, voice and display. For individuals, a Bix booth can be a simple alternative for temporary tasks that require work to be spread out; an escape destination away from their regular workspace.