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2008 Coalesse
Denizen is a family of tables, benches, cases, and desks that are designed to work together to support technology-driven work/lifestyles. The boundaries between work and life have blurred. Our computers are no longer tethered to the office and used exclusively for work; they travel with us and entertain us with video, pictures, music, and games. We are working more at home and living more at work. Denizen is intended to support, and seamlessly toggle between, work and life. It is designed to perform equally well at the workplace in the corner office, or at home in the living room.

The architecture of Denizen is planned around large-scale plasma or LCD display to help facilitate more enriching collaborative or social experiences. Used in concert with wireless keyboard, mouse and laptop, Denizen frees users from more confining traditional office seating and provides freedom of movement and posture: lounge, sit, perch, stand. (continued >>)

We believe that effective ergonomics is about variation and motion, which is beyond the confines of existing ergonomic task seating. 
Denizen is intended to provide the user with a range of choices about how and where they work within their space.

The collection is adaptive by design to better accommodate the varied uses typically required of modern workspaces in both the home and office. In the home, an office may also function as a den, guest room or living room. In the workplace, an enclosed office needs to support both highly concentrative individual work, as well as highly collaborative group work. With Denizen, all the necessary tools required to accommodate individual work process and technology are contained within the secretary archetype. Bi-fold doors are designed to hide and secure this personal work area so as to free up the surrounding space for alternative uses. (continued >>)

Unlike traditional casegood systems,  archetypes are easy to  understand and specify – a wide range of  application is afforded with a  reductive kit of parts configured in  both conventional and  unconventional ways.

Denizen materials are  intended to embody the warmth and tactility  typically restricted to  highly crafted home furnishings, often from the  past. Denizenʼs look  and feel is more what you expect to find in a home  environment than  what weʼve come to expect in the workplace. The warmth  and quality of  the materials is what makes Denizen work so well in the  home and helps  bring a feeling of home to work. The materials are used  honestly, in  their pure form, without superfluous stain or finish, and  were selected  with a clear point of view regarding sustainability.