ottowilliams | environments

Context is everything.

Understanding the larger environment in which furniture, work process, space planning, emerging technology and cultural attitudes exist, is critical to our design process. This contextual sensitivity imbues design with deeper meaning beyond the seasonal whims of fashion-driven solutions.

The showroom is an invaluable tool to illustrate this context to customers. It is the most experiential extension of the brand - the touchpoint. Itʼs an opportunity to create an enriching and memorable experience through the insightful combination of product, architectural space, materials, finishes, lighting and music.

In like kind, a well designed and programmed workplace, where these same elements are working in concert, delivers inspired solutions that more effectively reflect the aspirations and culture of the clientʼs organization. (continued >>)

We bring contextual awareness to projects through our experience conducting user research and programming, designing showrooms and collaborating with Fortune 500 clients in the creation of enlightened workspaces. Our passion lies in uncovering the ingredients, unique to each organization, that give workspaces purpose and meaning.