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2005 Metro/Steelcase

How can we make sustainability beautiful?

Poly is a line of seating comprised of lounge, ottoman, and side chairs conceived through the unconventional use of a highly conventional and sustainable material, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). A material commonly found in soda bottles and commercial packaging, we combined unconsolidated PET blanket together with 100% recycled polyester fabric (woven from PET fibers) to create a completely recyclable and semi-rigid seat shell. We leveraged metal components for efficient, localized structure and their well understood recycling stream. All metal components are finished with a VOC-free, abrasion resistant powder coating. The chairs are designed for disassembly using common hand tools so each component can be easily separated and directed to readily available recycling streams. (continued >>)

The roots of modernism are founded in the re-interpretation of industrial materials for residential sensibilities and contexts. Poly continues in this rich tradition with an innovative use of PET. Poly boldly expresses its manufacturing method, and maximizes the inherent structure of the formed seat shell to reduce components and to create efficiency of form. PET allows us to create sensually organic forms with imbedded structure, padding, and color that are impossible to achieve with more conventional materials. The inherent tactility of the material is intended to bring warmth and comfort to the modern forms.