We employ a flexible design process that provides a general framework for navigating through each project. It is a broad and inherently collaborative methodology by design, to help us efficiently define the relevant problems and better understand the needs of our clients.
Together with the client, we are able to tailor this process into an efficient scope of services to meet unique processes, priorities and goals.


understand intent:

Projects that involve inventing something new and different start with getting an intuitive, provisional sense of where new value lies and how to find it. We seek solid understanding of our clientʼs brand and their customers needs at the beginning of every project.


build context:

Discover opportunities and constraints inside client organizations and industries. understand client capabilities and conventions, competitor strengths and weaknesses, and societal trends. Employ ethnographic user research as needed.


frame insights & explore concepts:

Insights from research may suggest a wide variety of concepts involving new products or services. We prioritize opportunities then prototype new customer experiences through renderings, storyboards, and mock-ups.


make plans & execute:

The plan typically includes framed insights, concept descriptions, concept illustrations and product development road maps. We refine and resolve the concepts into manufacturable designs though iterative prototyping and collaboration with manufacturing engineering resources.